Saturday, May 9, 2009

If I'm not scrapping, I may as well use my supplies!

I haven't been scrapping pages too much these days so when I get a chance to use my supplies, I jump at it.

My girls decided to stick their finger in a tiny hole in our screen and make it huge. We found 2 huge wasps in the house that day, and didn't have any screen patch in the house, so I grabbed a scrap piece of paper from an etsy order I was working on and fixed it up. And I'm supporting breast cancer too!

That same morning, my daughter really wanted to wear this outfit, but it was a little too big on her, making it a little low-cut in the front. I grabbed some scrapbooking ribbon on the way out to the bus and fixed her up too! Her hair really covered it anyway.

What have you used your scrapbook supplies for, other than scrapping?

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Julia said...

great idea on the ribbon to hold her shirt up! let's see... my dh used some of my glitter glue in making a bottle of water/oil for hannah (just shake it up and it creates these weird bubbles and stuff).